Q&A: Why Do I Sometimes Test as Another Type?

Thursday, September 22, 2016 0 Comments A+ a-

Your Question:

I'm trying to figure out why this is; in my personal life I'm 100% an INFJ but when it comes to work I then become a INTJ...... I've taken many test and as soon as it starts to ask too many questions that are work related my results end up being INTJ. Why is this???

My Answer:

It's actually not uncommon for an INFJ to "morph" into another type for a certain purpose. I wrote a post about this titled "Am I an INFJ...or an INFP?" for the same reason. We can develop our functions in ways that help us fit into a particular job or relationship. Here's a quote from that post, credited to www.capt.org:

"...there are many reasons you might take the MBTI instrument two different times and come out different types. You might still be discovering your preferences and trying them on for size. Or you might be working especially hard to develop one of the mental processes, so that you report it on the MBTI instrument with stronger than usual emphasis. Or, you might take the MBTI instrument one time as your "job self," responding as you see yourself acting on the job, and you might take it another time as your "home self," responding as you see yourself in your home environment."

At your core, you are an INFJ. As you develop and grow, you can strengthen your other functions and "mimic" other personality types (to a certain degree). But I'm confident that you'll always be firmly rooted in your INFJness.

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