INFJ Fantastic Four - Thinking

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INFJ Fantastic Four - Thinking
10/1/2014 via The Gillicrist Pen

Hello again! Sitting in the coffee shop on a day when I'd normally be at home. I took the week off from working out and am trying to relax and just enjoy life. Not that I don't like working out---it's great and makes me feel invincible, lol. But it tears my body up pretty good, too, and every now and then, I like to take some time to recuperate.

So today has been quite peaceful. It's incredibly freeing to throw your normal agenda out the window. Went a little crazy and flat-ironed my hair (which takes forever). Ran a few errands and made a big ole' clean spot in the garage by taking some clothing to Goodwill. Ended up at the coffee shop with a nice pot of tea and some extra time to---well, think.

And by think, I mean to deliberately sort things through, and not rely on the relentless processes churning up data without my permission. Because that's how it works for an INFJ---we think all the time and can't turn it off the way other types do.

Which brings me to our third INFJ function: Introverted Thinking (Ti).
Pretty sure this
dude was an INFJ
Everyone's heard the phrase "I think, therefore, I am." Well, for an INFJ, it's more like "I think, therefore, I drive myself crazy." We can't help ourselves. We can funnel, divert, and focus our thoughts, but they just keep on coming. There's no "off" switch (believe me, I've tried to find it). It's like having a movie playing non-stop, inside my head.


Anyway, thinking ranks third on our list of functions. It's not as powerful as Intuition and Feeling, but it plays a vital role. It helps us analyze and structure data for decision-making, and it works to develop our logic system. Without it, we'd become victims of our touchy-feely intuitive side and end up lost in a fairytale world of rainbows and unicorns.

So thinking helps keep us grounded. But there's one teensy hiccup here--our thinking is introverted.

There's a big difference between extraverted and introverted thinking. Extraverted thinkers are concerned about external systems. They want the outer world to be logical and structured, so they focus on things like laws and traffic lights and policies (systems that make the outside world run smoothly).

Introverted thinkers, on the other hand, turn that focus inward. We want our internal systems to be logical and have value. We may operate in rainbow-and-unicorn mode, but deep inside, we're constantly comparing and contrasting our interactions against a rock-solid, personal logic system. That system is highly subjective and different for each INFJ.

Why is this a hiccup? Because our personal systems often clash with the worldly systems all those Extraverted Thinkers are building. I can tell you from experience that INFJs are first-class rule breakers. If policies and regulations don't fit into our logic, we have a tendency to resist them. Or bypass them altogether.

This can frustrate the heck out of people. I don't usually share my personal logic with others, so they get confused when I make decisions that go against social norms. Another funny thing? Our internal systems evolve. Oh yes---as we grow and mature and have new experiences, we subconsciously enhance our logic systems to reflect the changes. But we don't tell people. So they're shocked when we do something they thought we would never, ever do. Like get a tattoo, lol.

There are some really great things about Ti, though. For one, it lends meaning to our creativity. I might be hit with an outlandish book idea that seems too farfetched to develop. But then my Ti gets hold of it, turns it this way and that, and works to develop logic to support the idea. If it holds up, I have something to work with.

It also keeps my Fe in check. Sometimes I get a "feel" for something, and my Ti steps in to warn me that it's too expensive, or impractical, or needs to wait. And it's helped me become more resourceful. There's a natural inquisitiveness about Ti that makes me want to know how things work. I often break things down, analyze them, and apply the understanding to my logic system. It gives me a new tool to put in my belt.

I still haven't figured out how to tune out the constant thoughts. Have you? Prayer and meditation can sometimes slow them down and provide clarity. Until somebody develops that off switch, though, I'm stuck with the non-stop movie. Guess I'll grab some popcorn and try to enjoy the show. :)

Take care, guys!