Keep Calm and...SHHHHH

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Morning, guys! Another post from the Gillicrist Pen, this time on the beauty (and scarcity) of quiet time. Have a great day!

Keep Calm and...SHHHHH
3/21/14 via The Gillicrist Pen

Well, here it is...Friday again.

I'd really hoped to post sooner, but this week sort of got away from me. My husband came down with a bug, leaving me and my daughter to pick up the slack in my special-needs son's routine. I was also busy editing a few chapters for beta readers. I have two stand-alone novels I'd like to work on, but they're older and needed to be updated to reflect my newer writing style.

To edit, though, takes concentration. And concentration, for me, is done best in a quiet atmosphere. Has anyone else out there noticed that the world just isn't a quiet place anymore?

I can't edit at home. My house is rarely empty, and there's always noise, whether it's music or television or the thumping of clothes in the dryer. But trying to find a quiet place out in the world is virtually impossible. Even libraries are no longer sacred. They used to be the go-to place for quiet time. Not any more. With the invention of cell phones and iPods came the complete and total annihilation of library silence.

Here's an example of what happens when I hunt for quiet. Yesterday morning, I packed up my gear, left my noisy house, and drove 20 minutes to a coffee shop. The place itself wasn't very busy, but the music was loud. And annoying.

Seriously, their playlist made me want to stick a fork in my eye. So I whipped out the noise-canceling headphones. They work great, especially when I pump through white noise. However, they press tightly on my glasses. I can only endure them for about an hour or so, and then my head begins to ache.

When the library opened, I left the coffee shop in pursuit of a music-free atmosphere. There are only a few tables in this particular library that are away from the main crowd, so I set up at one of them. Lo and behold, within ten minutes, a man had plunked himself down in a nearby chair and decided to use the space as his personal office. His phone call (during which I had to put the noice-canceling headphones on again) lasted a good twenty minutes.

After that, things continued to go downhill. Screaming kids. Crying babies. If it could make noise, it was in that library. Then yet another patron decided to have a cell phone conversation. He paced back and forth between aisles of books, rambling on and on in a foreign language. I was like, COME ON! If you're going to bug the crap out of me, at least do it in a language I can understand, so I can catch up on gossip.

At that point, I was livid. I actually got up, walked over to the guy, and stared him down. I didn't say anything, just looked. He finally took the hint and got off his phone. Lucky for him, because if my death-stare hadn't worked, I was prepared to start throwing books. And I have damn good aim.

The saga continued when some person with a grunting/rambling problem grabbed a book, found a chair behind me, and proceeded to make every weird, disgusting sound that can come from a human mouth. I gave up. I packed my things and high-tailed it out of the library with what little sanity I had left.

Those aren't the worst scenarios I've endured in libraries. Oh, no. But my point is that true quiet and solitude doesn't seem to be available anymore. We've filled this world with tons and tons of noise, and the only way to find any peace is to go on a vacation in the middle of nowhere. And then you can't get wi-fi.

So...the quest for peace and quiet continues. Perhaps someday I'll find it. But for now, I'm going to settle in for the evening and enjoy some Grimm. A little fairy tale butt-kicking always does this overly sensitive INFJ a world of good.

Take care, people, and have an awesome weekend. And if you happen to visit a library... SHHHHHHH! :)

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Hi Meridian,

I just came across your blog today for your INFJ content and then noticed on the sidebar a link to your book and surprise! It is exactly the type of book I like to read. I shall be getting myself a copy soon :)

I know what you mean about needing quiet. When I want to concentrate, even at work, I prefer to work in mostly silence. There is a heaviness to that to me is like a warm blanket in my mind. I agree, public libraries can actually be quite noisy BUT if you have a university near you it might be worth trying out their library. The dedicated quiet zones are generally upheld, and if someone is making a ruckus you can generally rely on a stressed out student coming to the rescue to demand silence. All the best with your writing :)

May 27, 2016 at 12:16 PM delete

Hey there! I'm so glad you found the blog, and thanks for your interest in the book. Hope you enjoy it!

Actually, there is a university close by. I've avoided trying their library because parking is both expensive and scarce (it's a miracle to find open spots on campus). But I'll check it out. If they have dedicated quiet zones, that would be perfect. Thanks so much for your help...take care! :)