Wanted: House Elf

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Hey, guys! Transferring my first INFJ post from The Gillicrist Pen. Looks like it was written on a Friday, so...perfect!


Wanted: House Elf
3/4/14 via The Gillicrist Pen

Happy Friday, everyone! I'm sooooo glad to see the end of this week. It's been a long one.

My special needs son is just getting over the flu, right after having a respiratory infection a few weeks ago. Talk about a nightmare! He's a high-maintenance kid, even when he's healthy. Throw in illness, and his behavior goes downhill rapidly. He can make himself (and the rest of us) quite miserable. Today he's sleeping in instead of going to school, and I'm trying to make the most of some rare quiet time.

I came across this picture on the web this morning:

It made me laugh, because it's so damn TRUE. My brain is constantly thinking up big ideas and concepts. I create, connect, and dream on a regular basis. I can look five years into the future and see where I want my life to be. But I lose my glasses at least three times a day, and if my car keys aren't in my backpack, it's anyone's guess where they might have gone to.

I think I need a House Elf.

It's not that I can't focus on details. I can...when I want to. During bouts of writing, I can research things down to the tiniest jot and tittle. (Wait, did I just write jot and tittle? Weird.) I might not use them all, but they work together to form a collective picture, which then gives me a sense of familiarity that authentically shapes my words. Or I might try a new recipe and carefully craft the dish from each tiny step in the directions, making sure to clean-up-and-put-away in between. And I can fill out forms like nobody's business.

But most of the time, my glasses are wandering around the house, my reheated coffee is cooling in the microwave, and the pen I was just using is nowhere to be found.


My dutiful husband has learned to live with this idiosyncrasy. He puts my randomly placed keys in the cabinet. He keeps pens in a cup on the kitchen counter. And he rescues my coffee from the microwave with a smile. You might think he's doing this out of love and devotion, but it's more for his own survival. When I can't find something, I get pretty testy.

Well, my son has decided it's time to get up and have the entire universe revolve around his every need and whim. I must don my cape...and try not to lose my glasses.

Let me know if you have unique ways of dealing with those pesky little details while still saving all of humanity. And if you know where I can get a House Elf...please clue me in!! :)

Image Credit: INFJ Dumbledore, Dobby


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This is so me! I was on a mission trip once and we were cleaning up a church, moving stuff between three rooms, creating a storage space and painting all at once. I was figuring out where everything should go, and how to disassemble things to move them and finding people to do those things all morning and then it was lunchtime. the sandwich stuff was set out buffet style and I made my sandwich got to the end of the line where there was chips and realized I had forgotten a plate. The only detail I forgot all morning by the way.