New, Improved, and You Guys Rock

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Hello, friends. Greetings from the new-and-improved INFJ Cafe. Come on in and take a peek around. A few things still need tweaking (mobile users, please bear with us), but most of the design work is finished. What do you think? Personally, I love the new feels warm and inviting and much more like an actual cafe.

And you might be pleased to know that the logo itself...

...was designed by an INFJ. They intuitively chose earthy colors and an inviting texture, while giving the cup rings a tangled complexity that symbolizes our personality type. Cool, eh? :)

You'll also notice a few new features along the right margin, including an invitation to a brand new INFJ Cafe page on Facebook. Yes, I'm expanding to social media! Having an author page has been very rewarding, and I'd like to open up that kind of interaction to INFJs. The page will be for sharing Cafe articles, amusing pics, and some of the awesome personality tidbits I see on Twitter. I'd love to connect with you out there, so if you're up for that, please give it a "Like" and stay tuned as I get it up and running.

And now, let me focus on the Pageview counter. See it over there, on the right? Guys, it's almost to the half-million mark. Can you believe it? I'm completely humbled and in awe of that number, and it's all because of your amazing support. You guys are the absolute best!

So, let's celebrate. I'd like to give something back, and that means...dun, dun, dunnnnn...a giveaway. I've never done anything like this on the Cafe before, and it's high time to offer up a chance for some free stuff. Here are a few ideas I'm tossing around for prizes:

  • Gift cards (Amazon, Starbucks, or iTunes)
  • Handmade coffee mugs (by a lady in my hometown)
  • "The Empathetic INFJ" by Jennifer Soldner (paperback)
  • Accompanying Empathetic INFJ workbook by Jennifer Soldner (paperback)
  • Signed copy of Gambit (my YA dystopian) 

Anyone else have ideas? If so, please toss them out. My goal is to offer the prizes as a bundle and choose two winners (each would receive a bundle). But I want gifts that appeal to you, so definitely let me know ASAP if you think of something. In the meantime, Rafflecopter has a neat little gadget for running giveaways, so I'll work on setting that up and getting it out here.

Sound like fun? I hope so!

Be back soon with more Dark Side stuff. Take care, guys, and have a great weekend!


Image Credit: Rock Puppy 


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October 25, 2015 at 9:37 PM delete

I love the new design! I don't believe I've ever commented before, though I have often meant to. Thank you for all the effort you put into making this site a great information source for INFJ's.