The Gypsy Lens

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Morning, guys! Woke in up a strange mood and am seeing everything in a new way today. By "new" I mean through a different of the many lenses I use to filter the world. They change from time to time, and they're best described by people or stereotypes.

Today's lens: River from Firefly

How does this lens work? Well, things seem more abstract than concrete, and I'm seeing layers rather than single meanings. The physical world ceases to be's symbolic, mysterious, and full of possibility. Energy becomes tangible. I haven't worn this gypsy lens for a while, and I'd forgotten how strangely beautiful it is.

And when I say energy becomes tangible, I mean it. Do any of you ever "feel" energy? Here, do this: place your palms together as if you're about to pray, only leave a half-inch of space between them. Hold them there. Do you sense anything?

I do. The first thing I feel is my own body heat. After about ten seconds, though, my fingers and palms begin to tingle. Sort of like the pins-and-needles feeling you get after being numb. The longer I hold my hands there, the stronger it gets, and soon I'll start feeling it in the soles of my feet, too.

You can call me crazy, but my Se assures me that it's real. I believe it's somehow related to my Fe function. I keep my Fe well-guarded, but it likes to jump ship every now and then, and that's when I'm prone to the tingles. I'll get them at strange times, like right after someone almost hits me in my car, or right before a big idea pops into my head. They're also strong during calm, meditative activities like prayer (when my Fe is allowed to come out and play).

The tingling, in my opinion, is simply a manifestation of my Ni and Fe working at full capacity. Intuition and feeling are meant to operate on an intimate, symbiotic level. When given room to dance, they can connect and shape and predict in a way that leaves me breathless. Ideas flow, energy releases, peace reigns. If I could, I'd choose to feel this way all the time.

So this lens, the River lens, comes with some cool and unusual benefits. I hope it sticks around for a while, because it's the best lens for creative writing that I've ever experienced. And while I'm looking through it, I feel utterly and completely free.

What's your lens like today? :)

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August 27, 2015 at 10:16 AM delete

Hi, female INFJ here :) I had to comment on this post, because I found it so interesting that you mentioned this. My hands are always going hot and cold. Sometimes they literally feel like they're on fire and it's typically sparked when I am feeling emotion very strongly. I always thought I was crazy and that it must just be something health related until I started researching energy healing. Who knows :)

Great blog FYI!

- L

August 27, 2015 at 11:57 AM delete

It's amazing when you start looking into the ways energy affects the body, isn't it? I once had a muscle knotted up in my back for days, and a friend taped a flexible healing magnet to that spot. I slept that way and woke up completely knot-free. She said the magnet had corrected my energy channels. Couldn't explain it, but it worked!