Square Peg #4: Mutant and Proud

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Morning, guys! Hope you brought your umbrellas, because it's looking like rain outside the Cafe today. Perfect weather for coffee or tea (I've had both so far, lol), a comfy chair, and an intimate chat with good friends. :)

Last week had me running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Morbid comparison, I know, but it's the phrase that comes to mind. And given that I've witnessed this morbidity in person (farm girl here), I can say that it accurately describes how I felt. So I didn't get the chance to write a post. But I wrapped up the stuff needed to transition my special-needs son out of his school program. His group home is nearly ready, and I was able to tour the house and mingle with lots of parents, staff, and residential developer personnel. It's a lovely home. We just need it to pass the Fire Marshall inspection and be approved as a CILA (Community Integrated Living Arrangement) before my son can move in. Progress!

Going to miss my baby :)
And...my youngest son graduated from high school! Yay! I'm so proud of him for all that he's accomplished and his initiative in prepping for college. I did have one moment of panic, though, when he came home from graduation rehearsal on Friday afternoon and told me most parents were "going dressy" that night. I rarely dress up and had planned to go casual. Gulp! My daughter rescued me by immediately hauling my butt to the mall, where I dashed into Eddie Bauer and had the store clerk put together an ensemble and ring me up...all in less than 30 minutes. Mission accomplished! I attended the ceremony in style. :)

Okay, so I'm rambling here. Let me get back on track and move on to the next topic in our Square Peg series: patterns and connections.

One of the coolest things about researching this topic was when I typed "INFJ patterns connections" into Bing...and a Cafe article appeared at the top of the results page! Sort of a "wow" moment for me. Apparently I covered this issue back in 2012 while responding to a Personality Junkie article. The post pretty much covers everything I wanted to talk about today. Rather than repeat myself or copy the article within this one, I'm providing a link:

The INFJ Cafe: Connection Reflection

Basically, my post responds to A.J. Drenth's thoughts on INFJ connectivity by describing how I use patterns/connections in my thinking process. I drew from my own personal experiences and ended up comparing our connective abilities to a spiderweb: "What does all this mean? I think it means that INFJs view the world in terms of a large spiderweb. Everything is connected in a meaningful way, and very little is random. Somehow we sense this on an intuitive level, even if we don't understand it. We take the facts that people give us and find those invisible connections, recognize those hidden patterns, forming a picture in our heads of the way their theory works."

What I didn't do, though, is cover how this aspect of our personality might make us feel different. The good news is that I found an amazing article at Personality Central that does this beautifully!

The introverted intuition of the INFJ is what makes the unconscious mental connections and they see patterns, symbols and trends instantly that even their conscious mind cannot catch up sometimes. Hence they often attribute it to their gut. This is actually the INFJ’s source of genius, creativity and innovation. 
This also explains why the INFJ finds it hard to get their ideas accepted sometimes. Internally, they have already made several connections in their mind and by the time INFJs share their ideas, it seems too bizarre or too complex that the ideas may often get dismissed. 
Also, INFJs like to use metaphors and abstract terms in their language, and sometimes can be hard to understand as a result. 

Do you ever feel that you're hard to understand? I do, especially after making intuitive leaps that take me far, far into future realms and possibilities. I ran into this situation a lot in the workforce, where my brain would hop from A to Z in sixty seconds and leave my co-workers wondering how the heck I got there. Then there's the metaphor thing...which can be helpful at times, or just plain weird (headless chickens, anyone?).

But I've also found that this way of thinking and connecting helps people. I've had a few experiences where I was deep in conversation with someone sharing a problem, and my brain automatically connected important dots, enabling me to offer comfort in a very unique and personal way. Those were usually times when I felt as though the Holy Spirit was speaking through me, because I often couldn't figure out how I knew what to say. The words just came. And I can honestly tell you that those moments, although rare, are the most powerful and most precious in my life.

So...does our ability to see patterns and make intuitive connections set us apart? I think it does. Can it make us feel different? I'm going to say yes...but in a good way. This is one of those superhero things, guys. I enjoy having a different world view and using it to reach, entertain, or help other people. Lol...mutant and proud, right?

Four out of five stars for this one. Be sure to read the "Connection Reflection" article and tell me what you think!

(P.S. The whole spiderweb thing reminds me vividly of Cait Spivey's "I See The Web" novella, which I read about a year ago. A fun, creepy-crawly story that gave me the shivers! She now has three books in the series and is working on a fourth, co-authored by REUTS editor Kisa Whipkey. If you enjoy speculative fiction, definitely check out Cait's work on

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As always, thank you! Your posts have become one of the things I look forward to. I love my Ni, so much so that it is refreshing to hear from someone who "relates" instead of just feeling weird! :-)

June 4, 2015 at 12:51 PM delete

You're so welcome, and thanks for the positive feedback. I don't always know if I'm getting my point across or just confusing the heck out of my INFJ tribe. Lol. :)