Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014 0 Comments A+ a-

Hey, guys! Season’s Greetings from the INFJ CafĂ©!

Hope this finds everyone warm and cozy. Or simply cozy, if you’re in a more tropical location than mine. I was hoping for snow, but it’s been raining here for three days straight. Can you hear me sigh?

I think I want snow because it reminds me of the Christmases from my childhood. Back then, the flakes seemed to swirl down for days on end. The drifts were so tall, my brother and I could tunnel through them, making ‘secret’ caves to hang out in with our dog, Frosty. He was a Malamute, so we tried hooking him to a sled once and yelling mush at the top of our lungs. He just looked at us. Never did catch on. :)

The rain won’t stop Christmas, though. And depending on one’s culture, the holidays are supposed to be about family, religion, time off, celebrating, relaxing, etc. I see pictures all over Facebook of decorated trees, coffee and pie, church events, ski vacations, presents. And that annoying elf-on-the-shelf thing.

But the winter scenes I appreciate most…look something like this:

Isn’t this a striking image? I found it on a blog, accompanied by my favorite Robert Frost poem (Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening). I love the depth…the dark border framing a pristine, untouched path just begging me to follow it. Where would it lead me? To a mysterious cabin? A ring of wood elves warming themselves beside a campfire? Narnia?

Regardless, I’d like to think walking it would be a magical experience in some way. Magic is one thing we have to work hard at keeping in our lives. As the childlike bloom of wonder and surprise give way to harsh reality, it’s easy to lose our hold on the deep longings of our hearts. Personally, Christmas always makes me long for a fantastic adventure. Like Bilbo, I’m a little set in my ways and enjoy my material comforts. But if Gandalf came calling, I wouldn’t hesitate to step out my door…and be swept into something that would change me forever.

How about you guys? What does the magic of Christmas stir in your heart? Where would that mysterious, snowy path lead you?

Until next time…stay safe and enjoy the season. Cheers!