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Good evening, Cafe friends! A big warm hug to everyone...

...and then a round on the house!!

Yes, the moment has come to celebrate the official launch of a Facebook fan page for my first novel, Gambit, coming Spring 2014! Woo hoo! The enthusiastic team at REUTS has been working hard on graphic design and editing, and this new fan page represents a very important promotional step in the publication process.

Plus, the graphic they did is just WAY cool :-)

Okay, here's a blurb to get you started...

GAMBIT...a teen fantasy/sci-fi story that will plunge the reader into Earth's dystopian future, where humans with extraordinary abilities make the rules--and one exceptional young girl defies them all to earn her freedom.

If you're interested, I would love, love, love your support!! Simply click on the following link and "Like" the page. Then, if you want to see what I'm posting out there, hover over the "Liked" button and select the "Add to Interest Lists" option. Any time I create a post (which I'm trying to do daily), it will show up in your Facebook news feed:

Click here:

You may also be interested in knowing more about REUTS and what they have to offer. REUTS is an independent publisher...a "hybrid of self-publishing and traditional methods." They have all the talent and expertise of a traditional publisher, but their focus is on helping the author. If you're considering self-publishing but find the process daunting (as I did), check out the REUTS website:

and support them with a big ole' LIKE at:

They are truly a dedicated, knowledgeable team of people that I'm honored to be working with!

I put a new tab at the top with all of this information, and I hope to update it as new graphics and info become available. Can you f-e-e-l the excitement on this end?? Okay, one more round, guys! Raise your glasses! All together now...

CHEERS!! :-)