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Hey, guys! No, don't fall over in shock, it's actually me :-)

I'm sooo sorry for not posting sooner! The last month and a half has been a wild ride. Working on the novel, dealing with a bad cold, trying to help my daughter figure out what to do with her future. Whew! So I wanted to check in and bring y'all up to speed!

The good news? I finished my book. Yay! As of now, the title is Prodigy. That may change, but currently it's the best fit.

The bad news? It's still about 130K words long. Sigh.

So I was left with three tasks. The first was to find people who could provide feedback on my story. The next was to start streamlining and proofreading the manuscript. Lastly, I needed to decide whether to attempt publishing traditionally or simply self-publish. Not really up to facing any of these jobs, I reached out to author Julie Cross again for assistance.

She was, as usual, very generous and sincere. She pointed me to a wonderful writer's feedback tool called "Figment" - and it has been such a blessing. There are a few things I don't like about it (for example, the way some people try to market themselves out there to win contests), but overall I've received some excellent feedback and advice from other wanna-be authors. I also found a couple of local teens that are interested in reviewing my work, and two of my own kids are reading it as well. This is turning out to be soooo helpful.

Julie also encouraged me to edit, cut, and cut some more. So I've been cutting, reshaping, editing, cutting, and did I mention cutting? Ack! As I produce new, more condensed chapters, I put them out on my Figment page for feedback. I won't put the whole novel out there, but I have about 13 chapters for review at this point. I also put the first 5 chapters of "Wilde" (a.k.a. Wolfe) out there as well. The fun part was creating my own temporary "book cover" for each. I love working with graphics!

So at this point, my goal is to edit Prodigy down to a manageable word count--even if that means cutting the book off 2/3 of the way through, rewriting the ending, and using the last 1/3 for the sequel. But I'm going to try querying agents when I'm through. If I can't find anyone interested, then I will at least have a nice, condensed novel to self-publish. One way or another, I'm getting the doggone thing out there, lol!

When I will be back out here to blog? I really don't know, guys! I spend every spare moment of my time editing this book. My hubby is still working from home 2 days a week, so I'm out working on those days as well as on the weekends. I've even given up my work-out time for editing. Am pouring all of my INFJ energy and focus into this goal, and I'd like to have it completed within the next month. The only deviation will be piano lessons--my daughter wants a future in music, so we're moving our neighbor's piano in tomorrow. I'll be teaching her the basics, somehow piling that onto the plate without spilling too much other stuff off onto the table!! :-)

In the meantime, if any of you are aspiring authors and want feedback on your work, check out Figment. If you sign up, be sure to let me know you're out there, so I can review and follow your stuff (I've already done this with one Cafe follower--and it's a great deal of fun!). If you want to check out either Prodigy or Wolfe without signing up, here are the links:

Warning: Prodigy looks a lot different from the draft out here on the Cafe! You might not recognize it!

I think of you often and hope this finds all of you doing well and hanging in. We've had a tough winter here with lots of snow and more than our fair share of cold and flu viruses going around. I think I'm ready for spring and some warmer weather :-)

Take care and be good,'re always in my heart...



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Colin Machan
March 15, 2013 at 10:35 AM delete

Welcome back! You've been missed.



March 16, 2013 at 9:30 AM delete

"As an INFJ, I am well acquainted with the loneliness and isolation that often accompanies our rare personality type."

I was actually digging around for some like-minded empathy. Life is fine, job is good, enrolled in grad school at age 50. Not older than most of my classmates, but feel so different - and, well here's the problem, ignored. Can never figure out what I'm doing wrong in that regard; I don't feel I'm posting anything out of the ordinary (this is online, so it's pretty obvious who's posts are getting responses and who's aren't.) Normally I might blame this on my sensitivity, but these people can't see me! I wonder if this a common INFJ experience?

May 3, 2013 at 9:17 PM delete

Hello, Meridian! I found The INFJ Cafe just several days ago, and I have never, ever, been able to relate to someone so much. Reading your blog has allowed me to find a sense of peace with myself. I now feel like I belong to a group of people just like me. I can never thank you enough for making this blog.

My family members are about as distant from an INFJ personality type as one can get, and they don't understand me. It really hurts to have your own family members criticize you for being you. It's a very big challenge to be with them if they absolutely do not see things like I do. All I want is for them to accept me for who I am, to stop judging me so much. Not all of my family is like this, but most of them are. They can't seem to understand that everyone is different, so they criticize anyone who isn't like them. My heart is so tired from being with them...I just can't take it anymore. Did you have any problems like this while you were growing up? Did you feel like nobody understood you? Distant from others? Alone? Did you feel older than your real age? Please write back as soon as you see this...I would greatly appreciate your advice.


P.S. Sorry for my poor writing skills, I'm not very strong in that area(lol). Gosh, I have almost absolutely no idea why I'm saying this...I just felt the need to ask you about these things...odd. Have a nice day!

May 17, 2013 at 11:52 AM delete


So, so, so sorry for my delay on this. I took a break from blogging and am now trying to catch up!

Your second paragraph pretty much described my childhood. I felt misunderstood by everyone and criticized by those who couldn't accept me for who I was. Part of it was that they simply didn't relate. The INFJ sees and comprehends things in a unique way that can surprise and even offend the people around them. They don't get our "big picture" perspective or our ability to pick up on things in an almost-psychic manner. We're not shallow, we see through materialistic facades. Lol, I think we kind of scare people!

I dealt with feeling "different" as best as I could. It's hard to get away from criticism when you're surrounded by it, but journaling helped. So did reading and alone time. Anything that allowed me to escape the pain of reality and get lost in a less critical world. When I found something I loved, such as animals or playing the piano or achieving high grades, I poured myself into pursuing those things. Mostly, though, I felt alone. Even to this day, I still look back at what I accomplished (good or bad) and realize that I did it out of sheer ambition and drive--on my own, blocking out the criticism of others. It was hard--and still is!! Because the world doesn't change all that much after you grow up, lol. Without faith and perseverance, I don't know where I'd be :-)

I'm sorry that you're going through such a tough time, and I hope that you're still perusing the blog and finding it helpful. Understanding yourself is the starting point to surviving (and forgiving others for not seeing your value).

E-mail me ANY time and take care :-)

Peace to you,