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Hey there - just checking in to wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. Am heading out soon to visit some family and partake of scrumptious food (always a good combination).

Today I'm reminded of the many, many blessings God has graciously brought into my life. And while I'm thankful for a lot things, please know that you guys are right up there at the top of the list! Your comments, discussion, encouragement and readership brighten my day and make my heart smile. This blog is one of the best things that's ever happened to me, and it's all because of you ;-)

Thank you!

Hoping this post finds you happy, healthy, and strong. Have a great day and put your superpowers to good use as you mingle with your loved ones...take care, guys :-)

Peace and blessings,


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thanks Meridian for brightening many of my dull days.. you are a sweetheart!!! :)

thanks for all the lovely posts and the amazing insights that you offer about us INFJs... i just love the way you blog and it makes me feel more understood in a way.. for you know few truly are able to get a clear picture of us.. so thanks for everything and have a lovely time ahead :)