Jekyll & Hyde

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Hey, guys! Sorry for the long absence. Last week my head cold and a series of appointments/projects drove me into a private cocoon from which I'm just now emerging. A little bit of "busyness" is okay. Too much threatens my inner Jekyll. To keep Hyde at bay, I had to retreat.

Most of my weekend was spent away from the house, writing wherever I could find coffee, an empty table and an outlet. Results were better than I expected - I finished over 20 pages. That's a new record, and I'm also happy to have passed the 80K word count. At this point I can start wrapping things up or keep going until I hit the recommended 100K limit. Not sure which path I'm going to take, but it's nice to have options.

And I had an unexpected bonus on Sunday. Settled in at a cozy little table at a Barnes & Noble's cafe, I happened to strike up a conversation with someone one table over.  Eyeing my laptop, the first question out of her mouth was, "Are you a writer?"

It was an odd, thrilling moment. Part of me was pleased that I might give the impression of being a writer. Another part was disappointed that the word "yes" didn't immediately rush to my lips. Deep inside, I haven't really reconciled who/what I am in regard to my literary goals. So I settled for a laugh and an honest INFJ reply:  "Um, define writer."

What is a writer, really? The question reminded me of that crazy movie Throw Momma from the Train where Billy Crystal frequently reminds his students that "a writer writes--always." What I ended up telling my curious neighbor is that I just love to write and, when I'm composing, I feel more like my true self than at any other time. As it turns out, she's trying her hand at writing as well. The common thread pulled us into a rewarding conversation, an exchange of e-mail addresses and the potential for another chat some time in the future (hopefully over really good coffee).

One of the great things about being an INFJ is the ability to enjoy solitude without being solitary. Give me a laptop and a pair of earbuds and I can make myself at home in a crowd. I'll create a bubble of peaceful focus even when pressed in on all sides with the energy and murmur of multiple conversations. My Fe feeds off the music while my Ni/Ti loop starts spinning and my Se functions covertly in the background.

A crowd also offers the opportunity for random connections, and those are vital for INFJ emotional health. Connections satisfy our intuitive need to reach out, investigate, and provide encouragement to others. That's why I had to cocoon myself. Hyde is just no good at connecting. His social skills pretty much suck, lol!

So as I wind up this post, I hope it finds all of you operating in Jekyll-mode. Keep making those connections and have a wonderful day!



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November 8, 2012 at 7:23 PM delete

I don't think you need to apologize for long absences. Your writing is a like a gift to your readers. I accept it when its presented to me. I'm grateful and surprised when I read it.

November 15, 2012 at 11:07 AM delete

Thanks, H2 - you always know how to make my day :-)