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My local coffee shop uses
Big Train for their Fit Frappes - Yum!

Hey, guys! I found some time to slip away from the normal routine and scoot to the coffee shop. Have discovered a chocolate 'fit frappe' they blend up here--protein, vitamins, minerals, etc. Of course, I have them add a few squirts of caramel and a shot of espresso for the energy rush, lol! I love all things mocha, and this drink has quickly become a favorite. I tell myself the protein lines up with my fitness goals...but really, I just think the darn thing tastes awesome :-)

So as I sit here and delude myself with my sugary, caffeinated protein drink, I have to write about something I've observed over the last few weeks. In responding to e-mails and signing up for different services, I've found myself making lists of my favorite things (which always brings to mind brown paper packages tied up with strings). Anyway, I've noticed that when it comes to music, movies, authors and the like - I don't tie myself down to a specific genre. My favorites seem to skip all over the place.

Which makes me eclectic.

I've never really thought about this before. But now that I'm invested in the pursuit of INFJ enlightenment, I have to wonder if this is just me...or if my multifaceted approach is making it impossible to love just one category.

Take music, for example. The songs I like usually have a certain effect about them that appeals to me. It doesn't matter if they're pop, rock, alternative, christian or country. If I like the beat or the melody, I download the song. This is why I'm a "flipper" in the car and rarely stay on one station for long (which drives my family crazy). The other day I heard a song I liked, came home and looked up the lyrics on YouTube, and purchased it from iTunes--it's "We Run the Night" by Havana Brown (clean version). A few days later Johnny and I were driving my son around town and heard "Truck Yeah" by Tim McGraw on a local country station. Man, can that guy sing...and I'm drawn to rough, grinding country music with a strong rhythm. Could those two songs be any different? And yet I like and appreciate them both.

So--do I have an inner redneck gal who wears cowboy boots and miniskirts and likes to line dance? Well, yes. I grew up on a farm in Missouri--I've got some decent redneck roots. Can even talk with a twang when I want to, y'all :-) But then there's a glittery dancing diva inside as well, shaking her booty to a slick techno beat that would make all those country boys blush. Or catcall, lol!!

This transfers to authors as well. I love the wisdom of Tolkien, the steamy lushness of Nora Roberts, the subtle mystery of L.M. Montgomery, and King's uncanny grasp of the gritty side of human nature. Food, too. Mexican, Italian, Indian, Greek - it takes me forever to order at a restaurant! So many people I know are die-hard fans of one genre, one category, one culinary ethnic preference. Not me. I confuse others with my eclectic tastes, and I often confuse myself as well.

Anyone else deal with this?

My imagination is a very diverse place, and I wonder if the multifaceted INFJ within drives this. Currently I have at least four stories going on inside my head. The Wilde fantasy, the Willow sci-fi, the River sci-fi, and another one that popped in last's sci-fi/fantasy/supernatural. Sometimes this ability to hold onto and be drawn to so many things at once is overwhelming. And yet it also makes me me a strange, seductive confidence that enables me to pull out the true elements of my perspectives and give them voice. I walk around feeling full. And strangely unique...certain that very few could understand what's going inside my head and my heart.

Does this make me feel a little out of place? Truck, yeah!! Lol!!

If you've ever felt like this, let me know. I'm curious to discover if this is part of our rare and special INFJness, or if I'm suffering from the same delusional tendencies that are telling me that my sugar-laden fit frappes are, in reality, good for me :-)

Take care and be good, my friends,


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November 2, 2012 at 3:59 PM delete

I think I can relate. I have a hard time pinning down the one thread that ties my "favorites" list together. And I have definitely been called eclectic. But being part of artistic circles, I am around a very eclectic mix of people, anyway, so I am not necessarily unique in the fact that I am unique!

But I do naturally take forever to order off of a menu! This was especially interesting at delis in NYC, where there are literally around 300 menu items, representing about five or six different nationalities. I would be completely useless for focused conversation until the order was taken!

November 8, 2012 at 10:52 AM delete

Hi, Elizabeth - sorry it's taken so long to respond. Not the best week for me :-(

NYC would be difficult for me. So many choices. But I envy your being able to hang out with an eclectic mix. I sometimes wish I had people around that would understand and empathize with my wide range of tastes!!

Katie E
October 3, 2013 at 6:00 PM delete

I'm in the same situation as you. I can never make a decision on what genres I like. This came up the other day when meeting some new kids for a sailing class. As I was teaching them the ropes (literally, in some cases), they asked me what food I liked the best. Instantly, I answered "Thai." A second passed..."and Mexican. I really like Italian, and Chinese as well, and old fashioned American too...I like everything." They didn't seem to like this answer very much. They asked me what kind of music I liked. I already had an answer that I had been using for a while after realizing that I liked certain songs from genres completely opposite of each other, "Anything with a good beat." I always felt like a cop-out when saying stuff like that, but it's the truth. Now that I've read this article, I like how you used "eclectic." I'm going to borrow that word the next time I get ambushed with tricky questions. :)