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Today is one of those days.

And by one of those days, I mean a day where my whole being is yearning for freedom and mobility. I have ideas, desires, creative urges. I have goals. I want to run and run, then run some more until I see that finish line.

But life circumstances hold me back. For me there are seldom days off, no sick leave, few opportunities for spontaneous fun and creativity. At least not without someone here to help me. The day stretches before me, stifled and monotonous with the noose of responsibility tightening as each minute passes. I'm feeling crippled today, reined in, and not by my own choice.

Arisa's doodle resonates. Only today, I'm not in the mood for accepting that which fate dourly decided to dole out on me. I'm wanting to fight it. Tooth and freaking claw.

The Phoenix is raising her head, blinking open one eye. Grrr.

Hope your day is going better than mine! If you hear about a disaster in the middle of Illinois, it's probably just me exploding :-)