Tough Cookie

Saturday, October 27, 2012 0 Comments A+ a-

Greetings from a very chilly east-central Illinois!

Wow, did it ever get cold yesterday! The weather here had been in the low 70's and sunny for several days in a row--a lovely autumn climate. But a cold front swept through, and yesterday it never got higher than the mid 50's. There was no school due to an institute day, and my daughter thought it might be nice to have the first fire of the season.

I was all over that! But it proved to be a challenge. I had to unbury dry wood due to rain the night before. Got as many logs as I could carry, then went inside and discovered we didn't have any starter bricks (grrr). In the meantime, my special needs son had become upset about something (not sure what) and attacked my computer glasses just for fun (double grrr).

But I'm a tough cookie. After muttering a few choice words under my breath, I put the glasses away in a safe place to be fixed later, then grabbed a cardboard box and some to-be-shredded paper and went to town with my little propane blow-torch. It took some work, but I managed to get a nice fire going. And kept it going all day. My husband came home early from work, allowing me to take my ravaged glasses to the optometrist, where the receptionist very kindly bent them back into shape (*sigh of relief*).

Today I'm once again facing challenges. Didn't sleep well due to sinus drainage--probably from the extreme temperature change. Am at a crossroads with my main character and not sure which direction to take her. Got a frosty greeting from one of my crew at the coffee shop and have no clue where that's coming from (I could feel his distance the moment I walked in the Fe picked it up in an instant). So I'm alone in the library with my jumbled thoughts, stuffy nose and lack of direction.

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But hey--tough cookie here. I'm betting most INFJs are. The path of Frodo is never easy. If being a ring-bearer is to be alone, then such is the way of the INFJ. I picture us traveling through life, cloaked in the attire of the elves, privy to information and visions that no one else can fathom. We carry our burdens and still manage to lead others in the direction they need to go. holding my torch high today. My sword hangs from my belt as I walk my path. There's a curve up ahead. Who knows what lies beyond? Inspiration? A special task? Another curve?

Whatever it is, I'll face it head-on. I'm an INFJ. It's just what we do.

My INFJ comrades, may you be blessed and comforted as you walk your own special path today. Remember who you are ;-)