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Good morning! It's a crisp, clear autumn morning here in Illinois. Finally, some weather that makes me want stay snuggled in bed and allows me to wear a sweatshirt when I finally do get up! :-)

Hope all of you had an excellent weekend. Mine was spent writing, lost inside my mind as I drank coffee, listened to music and spun new tales of adventure. Actually composed 13 pages on Saturday, which is record for me.

So I'm feeling pretty productive this morning as I peruse news stories and blog posts. I happened to read Jon's latest post on his Brain-Mind blog and was musing on his INFP personality type. The thing I like most about his blog is his creative, often sentimental approach to topics. His ideas and perspective intrigue me because they are usually outside the box. I'm more of a 'system builder' and will stick to those systems, connecting them in multiple ways and looking toward their futures. This limits me in ways, but I see Jon as limitless in his approaches.

Another thing I appreciate about him is that he accepts and validates every person who comments on his posts. I never have to worry about being ridiculed or criticized (at least not by him...some of the other commenters can get nasty on occasion). He is open and looks at all the facts before making a judgment, whereas my intuition can snap a judgment into place without a single piece of information. So how can two people with nearly the exact same MBTI arrangement be so different?

INFJ's and INFP's share almost every single letter, leading some to believe that we are a lot alike. But once you start taking a look at our functional stacks, you'll see we're complete opposites in how we think and approach the world:

INFJ = Ni, Fe, Ti, Se
INFP = Fi, Ne, Si, Te

Check out this Tube video:

I'm finding this guy's videos very interesting and informative. Not only does he get into the functional stacks, which are crucial for understanding how a personality type works, but he uses examples of famous people to get his point across (Adrian Brody an INFJ? Awesome!). In this video he talks about differences in facial expressions, communication styles, etc. He's fairly blunt, so you have to put on your thick skin to listen to him, but I like his straight-up manner of teaching.

So Jon and I get along really well in the blogosphere. Would we be able to enjoy each other's company in real life--could we sit over a cup of coffee and have a conversation that would be meaningful for the both of us? I'd like to think we could. He might do more talking, and I might sit back and try to size up his soul (lol!), but I'm betting we could find some idealist common ground and have a nice time.

Got a lot to do today, folks, so I'd better sign off. Have a beautiful, big-picture, value-driven day!!!