Eye On It

Tuesday, September 04, 2012 0 Comments A+ a-

G'morning, friends - hope everyone had a refreshing Labor Day weekend. We had quite a bit of rain here, thanks to Isaac. At least 5 inches, if not more. Good for the yards - ours is almost all the way green again :-)

Still not feeling well. Yikes! This has been the worst allergy season I've experienced in years. Sinus pressure and pain make it difficult to get motivated. I have enough energy to do the basics around here, but that's about it. Am really sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, as the saying goes. I just drank a hearty helping of vitamins and am going to try to start taking them multiple times a day, just to see if it helps.

The Brain-Mind Blog I follow had a great article the other day, and I'd like to share it with you. The author, Jon, is an INFP and teaches neuroscience at a university in New York. I like his articles - he's straightforward, analytical and--like any good INFP--leaves the door open for interpretation. His latest is a piece on Personality Types and Marital Happiness. He's definitely done his research. Hope you enjoy it!

Also, I recently downloaded some iTunes songs for my son, Caleb, who wanted something upbeat to listen to during his workouts. We found a great one called "Eye On It" from TobyMac, a Christian rap/pop artist who goes heavy on the synthesizer. I can't listen to it on my walks without literally wanting to breakdance (you older folks will recognize that term) down the sidewalk...it gets my blood pumping for sure:

Am going to sign off and try to get through the day.  Have a good one, folks!  May all your noses be unstuffy :-)