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Well, it's a little late. But I just finished a handful of yummy pumpkin cookies and am getting ready to climb into bed...and listen to my inner voice as it quietly carries me to a creative place.

Tonight's Disciples 1 class went much better. The video was different (the instructor pulled it from another source...this one was cool), several talkative people were absent (making the group smaller and better for conversation), and I discovered a way to help ease my frustration in class.


I found myself doing this last week out of desperation. When external noise and activity becomes too much for me, I start doodling or writing in order to give myself something interesting to focus on. So I took a notebook and tried it tonight as well. When the discussion got boring, I tuned it out and doodled. Even when it wasn't boring, I doodled. I'm one of those people who can listen and draw at the same time. It probably irritates people--because they think I'm ignoring them--but I'm not. I can hear every word they're saying without having to look at their faces. I listened when I could, and when an idea or detail hit me for part of my story, I captured it in writing.

Tonight's class discussion wasn't too bad, and at times it was actually entertaining. I wish every class could be this small and manageable. And I'm hoping the doodle thing will continue to provide both a way of escape and cognitive focus.

Have a great evening,