Smoothies and T-shirts

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Hey guys - am sitting here drinking a homemade kefir smoothie and thinking about t-shirts.

Do any of you enjoy kefir? You can find it in most health food stores. It's a tangy, drinkable type of yogurt made from kefir grains. I received some grains from a friend about a year ago. Have been fermenting my own kefir ever since.  

I just pour organic milk over the grains and allow it to ferment on the countertop. Every so often I give the jar a shake and open the lid to release the pressure. I ferment anywhere from 2-5 days depending on the smell. Once the kefir's bubbly and smells like bread dough, I strain it off and put it in the fridge to thicken (and pour fresh milk over the grains to start a new batch). Mix some thickened kefir with orange juice, evaporated cane sugar, and frozen strawberries and you get a tasty treat filled with gut-friendly probiotics. My special-needs son and I drink them on a regular basis.

The reason I'm thinking about t-shirts is because I ordered one today from I'd been nosing around the internet, trying to find an INFJ logo that I was drawn to. Didn't like any of the pre-made shirts, so I created my own on Zazzle.
Here's what I came up with:
Front: INFJ

Back: Creative, Complex,
Sensitive, Mystical
Welcome to My World

You'll notice I didn't create a logo, mostly because I don't have the software for it. But I do have an idea for one later.

Zombie Cheerleader
by Jiovanie
A few weeks ago in our local coffee shop, I met a graphic designer named Jio who recently moved to our area. He was sitting at a table with my usual java cohorts, and they introduced me. He had his iPad with him and showed us how he creates his characters (he designs for video games, children's books, etc.). I asked if he would be interested in doing some sketches for me and converting them to images. He gave me his card. At some point I'd like him to do a sketch of my character Simeon - sort of for inspiration, since all I have to go on now are the images in my head and what I can Google up on my Mac.

Simeon is, in my opinion, the ultimate INFJ. Unbound by human flaws and weaknesses, he is the epitome of compassion, strength and wisdom.  He counsels and protects those that he loves, and he's a warrior with great skill and power. I think he'd make an interesting logo, one that would spark conversation while out in public.

Another option would be to buy an Avengers t-shirt from Zazzle (they have some really cool logos available) and then customize the back with an INFJ-related phrase or quip.  Or a pic of Simeon with a reference to INFJ superpowers, lol!

But for now, I'll just wait for the Zazzle t-shirt to arrive.  I hope it fits...and I hope that it will draw other INFJs from the quiet places of the world :-)

To create your own shirt, go to:
To view Jio's website, go to:

AND...I don't work for Zazzle or Jio and wasn't paid to put their links out here...just sayin'...