Who Aren't You?

Thursday, July 26, 2012 0 Comments A+ a-

Quick note - the traffic count for the Cafe has officially surpassed the count for the Edge!

I knew it was coming. Though the Cafe is a newer blog, it attracts a very specific audience. The Edge is more of an outlet for broader, unrelated ideas that might not be of interest to INFJs. There are days when I waffle between which to post on, but so far I haven't felt comfortable bringing them together as one. My viewpoint for each is unique.

This is another aspect of the INFJ that people can't relate to. Multiple perspectives. We see the world through many different pairs of glasses. When I post on the Edge, I write from a certain angle. When I post out here, the angle is different. A person reading both might wonder how that's possible.

Welcome to the complicated world of the INFJ :-)

Maintaining two blogs has been interesting. What's really scary, though, is how many more I'm tempted to create. I can slip from one facet of my personality to the next with alarming ease. The only thing holding me back is the time it would take to post on all of them, lol!!


So, a big hug and thank-you to the people stopping by the Cafe (and a complimentary travel mug for the regulars!). I hope you find it an enjoyable respite from the big ole' crazy world.