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Hello! Just popping in to say the midst of all the chaos :-)

Have started cleaning out and reorganizing the garage, while my husband preps the house for a new coat of paint. The heat gets so bad by late morning that we're having to start our days pretty early to take advantage of the cooler temperatures.

Organizing the garage is one of those things that I enjoy and dread at the same time. I looooove getting rid of stuff, but the mess always gets worse before it gets better. Yesterday I ended up with at least 7 bags for Goodwill and even more than that for the trash that goes out on Tuesday. And yet the garage still looks like a hurricane went through it.

At this point, just hoping I won't need a bulldozer :-)

Today's agenda: more organizing while hubby and crew water-blast the house and begin applying the paint...which I sincerely hope ends up being the same color as the sample!!

Take care,