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Hey, guys - taking a moment here to pop in and say hello!

The weekend was c-r-a-z-y busy, and it hasn't slowed down one bit. I've been working on redoing my bedroom, to make it a haven to escape to. Monday I spent quite a bit of time taping and prepping for a paint job. Yesterday I woke early and began painting. Five-and-a-half hours later, I was done. Textured paint is tedious - but totally worth it. The walls are now a beautiful greenish-gray color that soothes my soul. New bedding (that I got on clearance for cheap...yay!) has natural colors. The room is starting to look more like the 'foresty' place I desire. It's a haven-in-progress. Once I find a TV to put in there - I might never come out!

The ultimate foresty bedroom. Except you might end up
sharing it with insects. Or a bear! 

I'd love to have the morning to myself to catch up, but my youngest son has a dermatologist appointment. In an hour or so, I have to get everyone up and ready to hit the road. Not much time for research on the Se function - and I don't want to skim over it, because extraverted sensing is a huge issue for me. Hence the need for a bedroom haven! This house gets so noisy and busy that at times I literally can't stand it and need to have a place to myself. No one else gets that. They love loud music, blaring TV shows, and lots of energy. I can only take that for so long before I feel like screaming at the top of my lungs :-)

I've had some contact from a few of you out there...please bear with me. I will get to you in due time!! Your e-mails and comments are precious to me, and I read them all. Even if I can't respond right away, I think about everything you say (yep, that's an INFJ thing, too). Being someone with a huge need to "connect" with others, I especially want to connect with my fellow INFJs. Yes, we are brilliant. Yes, we are a refreshing mix of youth and maturity. I'm betting Einstein was an INFJ, lol! But those excellent qualities also make us prone to loneliness and isolation, not to mention being subject to a wide array of intense emotions that are difficult to keep in check. We need to support one another.

Gotta run for now - but I'm saying a prayer for all of you to be blessed with peace and hope.  Have an awesome day, and never forget how special you are!

M.  :-)