Got Groove?

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Hello! I'm getting a late start today. It's been a busy Monday already, and now I'm sitting here while Caleb and Johnny struggle through their P90X workout. They're sweating up the room--which is beginning to smell like a gym. I'll try to fight off the rising level of testosterone as I work my way through the next section of Dr. Drenth's article:

Creativity & Metaphor 
INFJs are among the most profoundly creative of all types. When engrossed in creative flow, they experience themselves in perfect synchrony with the universe. Some have described this as a trance, an altered state of consciousness in which they morph into a vessel of creative energy. Others have likened it to divine inspiration or being visited by muses. Such metaphors speak to the power of the creative process for INFJs. When engrossed in a creative stint, they may write for hours, occasionally even days, without rest. They may feel that, should they stop, they will lose out on the wealth of insights that are effortlessly flowing through them.
Metaphor, the primary offspring of a fertile Ni, is INFJs’ bread-and-butter tool for communication, allowing them illustrate their complex ideas in a more digestible form. It is interesting to note the degree to which Sensory details collected by their inferior function (Se) show up in their verbiage. A good INFJ friend of mine and student of the culinary arts cannot help but use food metaphors on a routine basis. 
Although INFJs are commonly drawn to music, visual arts, design, or architecture, writing may well be this type’s signature creative talent. Adept at channeling their right-brain creativity into a fluid and engaging left-brain storyline, INFJs are unmatched in their feel for and creative use of the written word.

Woo hoo! Does this encourage you or what?!?

Apparently we are 'profoundly creative' - and most of you reading this won't find it news, because you already knew :-)

The spirit speaks to me.
When he speaks of INFJs being 'engrossed in creative flow', I know exactly what he's talking about. There are occasions when I am so completely into my writing that the world around me disappears - I'm lost in my inner world, experiencing it fully and trying with all my might to translate it into written word. I find it frustrating, because no matter hard I try, I can never find the perfect words to describe the beauty, adventure, or deep connection I'm dealing with. In one of L.M. Montgomery's Emily books, Emily discovers to her dismay that 'never on an artist's canvas lies the charm of her fancy's dream.'

Which is her way of saying that her beautiful, even divine artistic revelations can't be fully described in crude human terminology. No matter how she tries to master it, she finds it impossible to replicate (with language) the extraordinary visions inside her head.

Been there, still doing that. (sigh)

I've never gone days without rest, but I've had hours pass without my noticing. Not every time I write, though. I have to be in my 'groove'. C' know what I'm talking about. Those random periods of intense focus and inspiration. I've had grooves that kept me up until the wee hours of the morning and then helped me run for days on little sleep. During some, I'll actually find myself in tears. This past weekend, I was in one so incredible that I felt as if I could lift right up out of my chair. Seriously. I know it sounds weird. Welcome to my world. My groovy world, lol!

And before you ask, no, I don't do drugs. I am a logical, grounded, college-educated individual :-)

Are metaphors your way of life? They are mine. I honestly believe that I "think" in metaphors! When I'm taking in data or information, I get pictures in my head. Those pictures can then be used to describe the complicated patterns and connections my brain is forming. Or...when a scenario is playing itself out in my imagination, my empathy takes over, reaching out to 'feel' what the characters are feeling...and I use metaphors to translate.

Sensory details are a must when I'm describing something, especially food. I looooove how things feel, taste, smell, look and sound. My sensory function, while inferior, can easily overwhelm me. I may not be using it to make decisions, but the data sticks in my memory all the same. A sound or scent can conjure up a treasure trove of memories and images, which then become metaphors. Funny how that's all connected.

I guess I'm a typical INFJ, because I am drawn to (and influenced by) music, visual arts, design, etc. As a child, I played piano and the clarinet, along with singing in choir and small groups. I did plays and skits in church, and dance routines as a cheerleader. I sketched constantly. These things moved me.

But writing was always my best skill. When I'm moved, I write. When I'm not moved, I still write - it's just not as good :-)

Dr. Drenth's final sentence above is one that I was very, very excited to read. It validated my perception of my own brain. As I mentioned in a previous post, I could never pick one side of my brain to be dominant. All my skills are in the right brain, but my approach to everything is in the left brain. So I've often felt as if I couldn't claim either. Now I understand that operating equally from both sides is an advantage.

INFJs are both-brained. We can all harness that wonderful creativity and use our groovy metaphoric skills to put it into terms the other 97-99% of the world can relate to.

The more I study our personality type, the more I believe INFJs were put here for a purpose. The world needs us. To entertain, empathize, inspire, and connect...and to add meaningful color to an otherwise drab and gray environment.

Next up - breaking down the INFJ functional stack. And I'm not talking pancakes here. Stay tuned!