Why Can't We Be Friends?

Friday, May 18, 2012 0 Comments A+ a-

Hello, all you amazing INFJ readers out there! I hope you're having a great Friday and preparing for a fun, productive and refreshing weekend!

I'd like to suspend the article series for today and link you to a video I watched earlier this morning. A friend of mine was talking about this video on his blog post (How Far is Too Far?), and I happened to click on the link and give it a listen. The speaker is Andy Stanley, head of North Point Community Church in Georgia.

Here's the video page: Guardrails: Why Can't We Be Friends? Once you're taken to the page, scroll down to "Select a Part" on the lower left and click on "2".

No...this is NOT some preachy sermon. It's Part 2 of a message series on "Guardrails" and why everyone, whether they're Christians or not, should consider putting them into place. This series centers around a central theme which highlights the reason we need personal guardrails in our lives:

"We live in a culture that baits us to the edge of disaster and then chastises us for stepping over the line." --Andy Stanley

True, isn't it?

The video link will take you to Andy's message about friendships - and the reason we should have guardrails in place to keep us on the "safe" side of our relationships.

What I enjoy about Andy's messages are his friendly, humorous, direct points of view. He doesn't throw a ton of scripture at you like rocks, but picks one verse and uses it to present a logical, relevant message that anyone (regardless of race, religion, or background) can listen to and learn from. My kind of speaker!

The reason this particular message struck me as a good INFJ post was Andy's multiple (though unintentional) references to INFJ characteristics. He began talking about 'connectedness' and how a wise person realizes everything in this world is connected. He spoke on 'compassion' and how it never contradicts wisdom...and how misguided compassion can lead us into dangerous territory. He also gives us 5 general guidelines (from his experience, not from the Bible) to help make us aware of a friendship or core group that might be unhealthy for us.

Because INFJs usually have a small, intimate group of friends to share with and be influenced by, we must be careful who we choose to walk through life with. I hope you'll find this message to be of value. I did!  :-)

Have a great weekend,