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Well, folks - it's Friday morning, and I'm getting the rare opportunity to sit here in the library, sip my white-chocolate-caramel-breve-two-shot-espresso-with-whipped-cream, and work on my blogs and book. The caffeine is just beginning to surge through my veins.

Lol...this is soooooo me!!

Coffee? Check. Laptop? Check. Cell phone? Check. Houston, we're green. Let's get to it.

Growing out of their distrust of first-blush appearances, INFJs are reluctant to trust majority opinion. They are often the last to read a bestseller, feeling that if everyone else (i.e., the majority of whom are prone to being fooled by appearances) thinks it is good, it probably is not worth their time. Like INTs, however, INFJs can be suckers for a good conspiracy theory, appealing to their sense that “most things are not what they seem.”

I had to laugh when I read this. Just recently in my other blog, I posted about how I walk my own way. Like Kipling's cat, I 'wave my wild tail and walk my wild lone'. I avoid crowds not only because I don't like being in them, but because I hate being associated with herd mentality.

One good example of this is with The Hunger Games. Everyone raved about the movie, and everyone raced out to buy the book and read it before the movie. Me? Nope. I figure if there's a crowd of people running after something, it's probably not worthy of my attention. Why? Because most people run after superficial, materialistic, and immoral stuff that I don't find satisfying. Same with the Twilight movies and books. If a bunch of teen girls and moms are salivating over something, I can be pretty darn sure it's not going to fascinate me.

Now, I've caught the Twilight movies on television and given them a chance. They're not bad. Just not my thing. And I wasn't excited about Avengers because everyone else was...I wanted to see it for my own personal enjoyment. What I've found is that if I'm following the crowd, it's only because they happen to be headed in the same direction as I am. I'd have gone to the midnight viewing regardless of the movie's popularity, just as I'll see the midnight viewing of The Hobbit - even if no one else shows up.

It's an odd way to live, and it can be lonely sometimes. The life of a cat is never an easy thing :-)

So, am I a sucker for a good conspiracy theory? Wellllll....yeah, I have to admit that I am. The right side of my brain loves to think outside the box. And the left side, which is afraid of being deceived by appearances, will often give the right side quite a bit of leeway in this area. But I also do a lot of research before I'll lend credence to any theory. And I always keep in mind that they are "theories" and must be viewed in the proper perspective. There are quite a few theories being discussed in Christian prophecy circles these days, regarding the 'Great Deception' and the 'Return of the Nephilim', etc, etc. There's one about the 'New World Order/Illuminati' that scares the crap out of me. I find them fascinating, but I tell myself that beneath all the speculation, God has everything under control. And that thought keeps me grounded.

I do think, as Dr. Drenth puts it, that "most things are not what they seem." Things are what we make of them, and most people only accept what they can handle. And I believe our world has been dumbed down into accepting a man-made, spirit-driven system that gives the perception of freedom, but really keeps us right where the ones in control want us to be.

Are we in the Matrix?  Not exactly, lol. But if we were, I'd be one of the first INFJs they woke up :-)

Would you???


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I'm the same way, Meridian. If something is on the best seller list, I avoid it like the plague. I prefer to support the underdog. (and in the ultimate irony, I don't get the Matrix reference because I haven't seen it, though I know it's supposed to be really good).

By the way that espresso sounds delicious.

May 12, 2012 at 6:03 PM delete

Barberry - agreed. My favorite books are like cherished best friends, read over and over again throughout the years, with crinkled covers and chocolate smears on the pages. We wouldn't pick our human friends from a 'best seller' list, so why do the same with books? :-)

The Matrix is a great movie series if you're a fan of sci-fi action mind-benders. It poses a striking question: given a particular set of circumstances, would you prefer to wake up and know the truth (even if it's bleak) or remain asleep in blissful ignorance (even if it means you're a slave)? Of all 3 movies, I prefer the first one. If you ever watch it, let me know which choice you'd make.

The espresso was AWESOME. I get the same combo every time...they actually named the drink after me. That's when you know you drink too much coffee, lol!

May 12, 2012 at 6:54 PM delete

Meridian -

OMG, you're just like me! I always say, if you see books on our shelf that are pristine, you know I did not like them. The ones I loved are covered in beach sand, tea stains and have torn covers.

(By the way I should mention it's me, Amelie, who visits Jon's blog as well. Darned WP won't let me sign in with my username especially when I'm posting from the ipad).

I guess now I'll have to watch The Matrix. So many intelligent friends have told me I should see it (and most are shocked I haven't yet). Have you seen District 9? That one comes up as a mind blowing sci fi when someone discusses Matrix. Sharlto Copley was heartbreaking in that movie.

How cool they named a coffee after you!!

May 13, 2012 at 12:37 AM delete

Hi, Amelie - yes, we are alike! Except you obviously live near a beach...which I'm envious of! But no matter what kind of stain, there's nothing like a well-loved, well-worn book. Which is one of the reasons I've stayed away from e-readers (can you hear the environmentalists screaming?).

No, I haven't seen District 9. Will look it up on Netflix and give it a try. I'm always up for a good sci-fi flick. Am counting the days until Prometheus hits the theaters. Like Barberry, if you watch The Matrix, be sure and tell me which choice you'd make and why. It's an interesting topic for discussion (or a future post).

The coffee shop ladies are so cute. When I walk in, they greet me by name and just start fixing my drink. I feel like Norm in an episode of Cheers...