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Brrr! Woke up today to gray skies, fierce wind and falling temperatures. Looks like summer is taking the day off.

Not that I'm complaining. We need the rain, which is falling outside my window as I type. As I've been driving around the past few days, I've noticed how green and lush the crops look. But that won't last forever without rain. Besides, for me it's free pool water :-)

Me and Facebook
Not the best relationship
Am very tired. Why? Not sure. Maybe it was the cooler weather that caused me to oversleep this morning. I woke quite groggy and less alert than usual. Pressure from the storm, perhaps? Cuz I have a bit of a headache as well. Also feel dry as dust from the antihistamine I took last night before bed. Wow, this paragraph sounds like a really bad multiple choice question. Am choosing 'all the above'.

Needless to say, I'm not in top form this morning. In addition, Facebook frustrated the crap out of my inner INFJ, so I deactivated my account out of sheer annoyance. Wait...didn't I just say I wasn't complaining? (sigh)

Since I'm clearly not thinking straight, I will forego any discussion on Dr. Drenth's article. I want these discussions to be positive, and when your head is aching and four cups of coffee haven't taken the edge off your fatigue, the glass is not likely to be seen as half full.

So, I'm going to reach for more coffee, chocolate and my favorite movies today. Did I mention more coffee?  Oh yeah, and the bottle of ibuprofen!

Hoping your day is better than mine, friends...