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Thursday, May 03, 2012 1 Comments A+ a-

Hello and welcome to The INFJ Cafe!

I'm so excited to finally have this blog at the starting block. It's been several weeks since the idea of 'Blogging INFJ' hit me, and to be quite honest, I've wondered if I bit off more than I can chew. Between the book I'm working on, my other blog, and taking care of a special needs child each day, my time can get pretty limited.

However, writing is an activity that seems to recharge and satisfy, which is why I invest so much time and energy into it. My goal here is to explore the INFJ personality type, with all its quirks and nuances, in hopes of better understanding myself and how I relate to others. Just in the minimal research I've done to get started, I've already had several "AHA!" moments, as well as some "oh...that explains a lot" revelations :-)

The first thing I'm going to do is piece out a great article I found on the internet. When I read it, I felt the author was describing me perfectly. But I want to take the information and comment on it in small chunks (to make it more manageable). I also want to relate the information to daily life and explore how applicable it is in certain circumstances, and how it can be shaped by other influences in our lives.

Hope you enjoy pursuing this adventure with me! Please feel free to comment if you so desire.

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