Ego Trip #2: The Ego Illusion

Hello, friends...welcome to another crisp, clear autumn day in the Cafe. It's incredibly beautiful outside this morning. The sun is shining, leaves are turning gold and crimson, and I'm enjoying it all through the windows of my favorite coffeehouse (while sipping cinnamon tea...yum!). I definitely plan on spending some quality time in nature today.

But first, I'm going to cover the next phase of our Ego Trip series. If you read my last post, you know that the ego is basically the conscious, self-preserving part of your personality. Developed in childhood, its two primary goals are to identify you as separate from the external world and to maintain a proper balance between the id and the superego.

The first goal evolves naturally. Through experience and observation, you learn that you are a distinct organism. The ball you play with isn't you. The family cat isn't you. Your parents aren't you. These things are all separate from you and have unique labels. You have a label as well...more than one, actually, and you learn from your caregivers just what those labels are.

Ego Trip #1: The Ego Unmasked

Hey! Happy Monday! I hope your week is off to a good start. Mine is--or at least, it's as good as it can be when you're walking around with coconut oil in your hair, lol. I slathered it on last night before bed, slept on towels, and plan to wash it out later today. Long hair can take a real beating from heat and styling products. So I do this once a week, and it's awesome for adding moisture and shine.

The Ego Trip: Intro

Hey there, friends! Come on in...the Cafe is open and full of yummy, autumn-inspired beverages. Pumpkin spice lattes, hot cinnamon cider, caramel apple cappuccinos...they're all available and side beautifully with this crisp October weather. I adore this time of year. Mornings are sunny and cool, afternoons are warm without humidity, and evenings...oh, the evenings. They smell and feel like heaven. Hubby and I have been eating supper on our deck, beneath the gazebo with its muted bamboo lights, wrapped in blankets and watching our favorite shows while the stars come out.

And best of sneezing. Everything I'm allergic to is dead. :)