On Hiatus

Hey there!

Just a quick reminder that I'm taking November off to concentrate on the second book in my sci-fi Prodigy Chronicles series. Multitasking is okay...I just work better when my INFJ laser vision is focused on one thing.

And my hiatus nook is all set up. See?

I'll still be posting images daily on the Cafe fan page, so hop over there if you'd like to stay in touch. You can also use the Contact form. Or a Stargate. Whichever's easiest. :)

Have a great month! Love you guys!

Ego Trip #4: The Ego Squashed

Hello, friends! Hope you've had an awesome weekend. Mine's been chock full of research on this ego stuff. I feel a lot more comfortable writing about it, but still think I'm chipping away at the tip of the iceberg. When it comes to advice about getting past the ego, there are several different disciplines to draw from.

So, I ended up scouring my own personal resources and doing a ton of online research. My goal was to pull out the common denominators, because those are usually based on more experience and truth than the other, fluffier stuff. Not that the fluffy stuff is bad. I just prefer practiced principles over personal opinions. :)

Okay, we've been at this for a while and have determined that the ego is a psychological mechanism our conscious minds use to identify us as separate from our surroundings. I'm sure this was pretty valuable to our ancestors, who needed to establish firm boundaries between themselves and the external world to survive. But is it really that important for us today?

Ego Trip #3: The Ego and the INFJ

Hey, guys! Ready to dive into more ego stuff?

Me, too. :)

So far, we've covered what the ego is and what the ego does. We know that it operates consciously and plays a huge role in forming our identity. We also know that it can get tripped up along the way, covering us in so many societal labels that we end up with a false sense of self.

But how, exactly, does it do this?

Ego Trip #2: The Ego Illusion

Hello, friends...welcome to another crisp, clear autumn day in the Cafe. It's incredibly beautiful outside this morning. The sun is shining, leaves are turning gold and crimson, and I'm enjoying it all through the windows of my favorite coffeehouse (while sipping cinnamon tea...yum!). I definitely plan on spending some quality time in nature today.

But first, I'm going to cover the next phase of our Ego Trip series. If you read my last post, you know that the ego is basically the conscious, self-preserving part of your personality. Developed in childhood, its two primary goals are to identify you as separate from the external world and to maintain a proper balance between the id and the superego.

The first goal evolves naturally. Through experience and observation, you learn that you are a distinct organism. The ball you play with isn't you. The family cat isn't you. Your parents aren't you. These things are all separate from you and have unique labels. You have a label as well...more than one, actually, and you learn from your caregivers just what those labels are.