Q&A: Are INFJs Prone to Narcissism?

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(Note: This young INFJ lady had a harrowing experience with online dating. She met a male INFJ, exchanged a few e-mails, and felt they had an authentic connection. Her intuition nagged at her a little, though, and she joked with her roommate, "watch this guy end up being a narcissist."

Shadow Boxing #2: The Critical Parent (Fi)

Hello, my friends. I'm sitting here with my coffee, listening to the wind. Not by choice, mind you...it's been screaming outside my bedroom window for weeks. I don't know if it's because the townhouse we're renting is positioned funny, or because the terrain around here is so freaking flat. Maybe both. All I know for sure is that the siding creaks, the windows rattle, and the front door attacks me every time I open it.

Q&A: Help!?! My INFJ Daughter Baffles Me!

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(Note: For privacy reasons, I've edited some of this text.)

I found your blogspot while trying to understand my daughter. We both love the Lord deeply, but she baffles me in many ways. She is definitely an INFJ, and I am primarily an ENFP. I have read much on the Internet about INFJs, but I see major contradictions in her, so I'm happy to have found you -- someone to ask who also puts faith in God.

Shadow Boxing #1: The Opposing Role (Ne)

Morning, guys. What a busy couple of weeks! Between house hunting, answering Cafe e-mails, and writing an incredibly emotional guest post for a book-blogger friend, my energy and focus were completely tied up.

But it's all good now. Writing the guest post actually helped me work through some of last year's unprocessed grief. I tend to bury pain instead of facing it, and every so often, it catches up with me. Better to deal with it than let it fester into a monster-sized weapon that I unleash against all of humanity on a bad hair day.

Sadly, I can relate to this.

Which leads me into our new Shadow Boxing series. I'm actually psyched to be working on this. You'll find a lot of posts out here about the INFJ dark side (including a series I did in 2015), but I've never really stopped to examine each of our shadow functions in detail. It might prove to be useful. After all, the best way to fight darkness is by shining a light on it, right?

So grab your flashlights (or torches, if you're the adventurous type) and let's get to it.