Giveaway Results + Break Time

Hey, guys! Hope you're all happy, healthy, and up to your ears in awesomeness!

First off, thanks to everyone who participated in the One-Million-Hit giveaway. I had sooo much fun coming up with the prizes and putting together the polls/questions. You wouldn't believe some of the responses...they cracked me up! And the polls kind of surprised me. Want me to share? Okay, you talked me into it.

Check 'em out:

Q&A: Why Did My INFJ Change/Pull Away?

Your Question:

Hi there, I'm an enfj guy. I wanted to ask you why did my infj friend pull away and what can I do to get our friendship to be the same again if that's possible.

One-Million-Hit Giveaway!

Hey, guys! Guess what?

Shadow Boxing #5: The Phoenix (ESTP Shadow)

Hello, Cafe friends! Come on in and help yourself to some coffee, tea, a smoothie, or whatever strikes your fancy. At the moment, I'm enjoying a hot mug of Pumpkin Spice tea. Temps took a nose-dive this week and the wind is howling like a banshee outside. I'm freezing cold and so, so ready for mild weather.