Q&A: Why Do I Sometimes Test as Another Type?

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I'm trying to figure out why this is; in my personal life I'm 100% an INFJ but when it comes to work I then become a INTJ...... I've taken many test and as soon as it starts to ask too many questions that are work related my results end up being INTJ. Why is this???

No Regrets

Hey, guys! Am sitting in my local coffee shop with a white-mocha-caramel-one-shot-breve latte. Trying saying that three times fast, lol. But it's super yummy. No regrets. :)

Speaking of no regrets, I was recently asked about the INFJ Doorslam. The question came from another INFJ who had just stumbled across that term. Over the course of her life, she told me, she'd had to cut a few people off, and she wanted to know if the "doorslam" was a typical thing for us.

Q&A: How Can I Help a Stressed-Out INFJ?

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Hi there!

I hope you don't mind too much, but this comment isn't really related to your post, but it is INFJ related. I'm actually an INFP myself, but my best friend in the whole wide world is an INFJ, and I need some help. My friend is going through some family issues, and they're causing her to become extremely negative and...bitter, I think would be the word for it. I've been there for her throughout it all, and she seems to really appreciate that, but the whole ordeal has made her pretty insecure. It seems that the very moment I disagree with her (even on something little), or try to show her another side to an argument she becomes angry and hurt, and says I've betrayed her. This is so confusing, and if I'm being honest, very vexing. I have to choose her "side" in every little thing or she becomes upset, even if it's against my own family. Please give me some advice. I try to calmly explain to her how I feel, but she usually just shuts down and claims I'm trying to push her away.