Q&A: How Can I Help a Stressed-Out INFJ?

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Hi there!

I hope you don't mind too much, but this comment isn't really related to your post, but it is INFJ related. I'm actually an INFP myself, but my best friend in the whole wide world is an INFJ, and I need some help. My friend is going through some family issues, and they're causing her to become extremely negative and...bitter, I think would be the word for it. I've been there for her throughout it all, and she seems to really appreciate that, but the whole ordeal has made her pretty insecure. It seems that the very moment I disagree with her (even on something little), or try to show her another side to an argument she becomes angry and hurt, and says I've betrayed her. This is so confusing, and if I'm being honest, very vexing. I have to choose her "side" in every little thing or she becomes upset, even if it's against my own family. Please give me some advice. I try to calmly explain to her how I feel, but she usually just shuts down and claims I'm trying to push her away.

Roots, Wings, and Bickerings

Hey, guys! Guess what? It's story hour in the Cafe.


Once upon a time, way way back in the early 70s, there lived a little farm girl who loved denim. Her grandparents, aware of this love, bought her a groovy denim jacket with an embroidered rooster on the back. Even groovier, they had her name stitched above one of the pockets. The little girl wore this jacket everywhere. It became her favorite thing, until one day, she found that she'd outgrown it. She sadly put it away and mourned its loss.

Q&A: Should We Trust Our Intuition?

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As INFJs, how do we keep our intuition in check? Often times, I feel intensely convicted regarding a particular matter; however, when I speak with others, they find my ideas to be quite delusional, which then leads me to question my own intuition. When I find myself in these situations, I think to my favorite Biblical story -- the story of Abraham and Isaac. Abraham was entirely alone in his conviction. To others, even the religious, his conviction was absurd. Yet, he still trusted that he was, in fact, not crazy and was truly hearing from God. In the end, He was rewarded for his faith. Are we, INFJ's, called to have this level of faith, even when all evidence points to the idea that we might just be crazy?